All the winners of this edition

All the winners of this edition

Best Feature Film Award

For the courage of simplicity, invisible writing, sincerity, the story of a love without romance, because it can speak of feelings without sentimentalism. Eventually, for the excellent realization of ‘nothing’, the award of the International Feature Film Competition goes to Denmark by Kasper Rune Larsen.


Best Feature Film Award – Special Mention

For the grace and delicacy with which she managed to talk to us about Freedom, despite having chosen to tell us about the tragic destiny of child brides in the rural society of Vietnam during the nineteenth century, educated to please and procreate in a condition of muffled, unshakable slavery, the jury gives a special mention to The Third Wife by Ash Mayfair.


Best Short Film Award

Often, especially in short films, we see some very spectacular style choices, which are not always useful for the narrative system. In this case, however, everything is useful to the plot: from direction, static and wide-angle, to the scenography, perfect in ironically highlighting the grotesque contradictions within the family context, to the acting and the script, deliberately simple and full of hilarious silences. The International Short Film Competition Award goes to Second Best by Alyssa McClelland.


Best Short Film Award – Special Mentions

For the originality of the story, certainly. But not only. Because it’s not enough to imagine an Indian family struggling with a cock to be funny. This is the crazy idea behind the short film, but to be rewarded are mainly the dialogues, the assembly, the choice of the mockumentary as a structure, often abused but in this case necessary and extremely functional. The special mention of the jury goes to Tungrus by Rishi Chandna.

For many reasons, for the direction, writing and management of the actors, always complicated with teenagers actors, but above all for the ability to tell without any rhetoric and in an original way, an inflated theme like that of bullying. The second special mention of the jury goes to Aquathlon by Alexey Shabarov.


Aprile Award, Best Feature Film

For the high quality of the technical realization (surprising in a graduation film) combined with an intelligent reinterpretation of the horror topical places. For the independent and not banally indie character of the film – iconoclastic but never pretentious – the Aprile Award for the feature film competition goes to LUZ by Tilman Singer.


Digital Award powered by CHILI

For years CHILI as given attention not only to the great cinema, but also to independent productions, to the so-called ‘cinema of stories’ and for this reason has chosen to assign the Digital Award to The Mercy of the Jungle by Joël Karekezi, a powerful story never told on the big screen.


Aprile Award, Best Short Film

A comedy that knows how to cope with the many hidden fragilities of the male world to the rhythm of jazz, which are rarely underlined and which we should always keep in mind, today more than ever. For the ironic and pungent portrait of a very current situation, the double crisis of masculinity and of the paternal figure, the Aprile Award for the short film competition goes to PALOOKAVILLE by Sem Bucman e Pim Algoed.


Audience Award powered by HotCorn

Best Feature Film: Thunder Road by Jim Cummings

Best Short Film: Tracing Addai by Esther Niemeier


Staff Award

To the short film that has been able to move us gently bringing to the screen the unexpected friendship of two young refugees through an intimate journey to freedom, we deliver the Staff Award to the short film Hamama & Caluna by Andreas Muggli.