milano film festivalino grows even more

milano film festivalino grows even more

Robot & The Whale by Jonas Forsman

The historic section of Milano Film Festival dedicated to younger viewers, renews thanks to The Playful Living.

Cinema 2 of The Space Cinema Odeon will be entirely dedicated to the festivalino programming, where it will also be possible to take part in creative workshops, talks and roundtables to train the imagination of adults and children and discuss topics and needs pertaining to contemporary families.

The film program is split in two, one designed to address the public aged 4-7 years, consisting in short films no dialogue and therefore without the need for subtitles, easy to watch even for the little ones, and another for those aged 8-12, consisting in projects with a slightly more complex narrative approach.

The Kite by Martin Smatana

Among the many films, for the little ones there is Robot and the Whale by Jonas Forsman, a delicate animation on friendship with a completely imaginary pastel coloured ambience in the background, while older ones can enjoy, among others, The Kite by Martin Smatana, a stop motion short film telling about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, seen at the last Berlinale.

The complete program of milano film festivalino will be unveiled after mid September, together with the whole Festival’s program.

The Playful Living that created the site initiatives, is a co-design platform that collaborates with institutions, realities in the world of design, architecture, creativity and with companies, intervening in public and private spaces to turn them into comfortable venues to rediscover the pleasure and value of adults and children playing together.