Incontri italiani

Incontri italiani

The section Incontri italiani shows the richness and liveliness of some independent Italian cinema, offering films, in the presence of the directors, that are interesting for their stories and for their production.

La scomparsa di mia madre by Beniamino Barrese, among the few Italians at Sundance, is a portrait-documentary on a charming and coy mother: the model and feminist Benedetta Barzini.

The filmmaker and film historian Francesco Ballo recovered for the Festival – a world première – an old unusual thriller filmed in 1976: Pietra, an 8mm journey in a disappeared Milan with a surprise villain, the painter, writer and critic Emilio Tadini.

Agostino Ferrente’s documentary Selfie is instead a brilliant experiment of using footage filmed by non-professionals. Presented at the Berlinale, the film is a self-portrait shot on iPhone by Neapolitan teenagers after the tragic death of one of their friends.

Lastly, to celebrate directors’ independence, Fulci For Fake by Simone Scafidi arrives from the Venice Film Festival, and tells, in a mix between fiction and documentary, the adventurous life of the “terrorist of genres”, the director Lucio Fulci. To celebrate him at best, a double show: after the documentary, the screening of …E tu vivrai nel terrore! L’aldilà (1981), a cult film by Fulci.