Other Natures

Other Natures

A selection of Italian première screenings in which
the director’s hand is the first way to change the narrative: the artist’s eye wins over information.

Cemetery by Carlos Casas (guest at MFF 2011), a Spanish artist and filmmaker and protagonist of a masterclass, who, in his film, starting from the elephant cemetery legend, explores an entire imaginary of nature linking it to the story of an ideal last elephant.

In Earth by Nykolaus Geyrhalter (MFF 2016 retrospective), the Austrian documentary director continues to observe the paradoxes of civilization, following those who move the earth in mines worldwide. A clear image of the nature of the Anthropocene epoch in which we live: man is the first factor of change on Earth.

Lastly, Ghost Strata by Ben Rivers (MFF 2013 retrospective), an English artist and filmmaker who uses his usual picaresque intuition to take cinematic notes on time, nature and how our traces unbalance it.

Three films that mark an idea. Cinema is an opportunity to do more than just think about the environment, it is a new way to look at it.