The anthology film on Milan during the time of the Coronavirus.

An anthology film, a choral work. A way to describe the surreal reality our city is experiencing currently through art and cinema. This is an idea of MIR Cinematografica, AIR3 Associazione Italiana Registi and the Milano Film Festival, in collaboration with Proxima Milano, Operà Music and NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

A “call to the arts”. All audio-visual professionals in Milan are invited to volunteer to join this project: directors, filmmakers, authors, sound engineers, composers, colourists, DOPs, etc.

Everyone can contribute in a creative way their perspective as to what is happening in our area due to the Coronavirus emergency (COVID-19). It’s an opportunity to network and feel a part of the community – especially during this time when health precautions may be making many of us feel isolated.

All of the information on this project can be downloaded here

For further information and registrations:Stefania Villa – MIR Cinematografica – T. +39 3407044971