MFF25 will be held in 2021

MFF25 will be held in 2021

We have announced that the 25th edition of Milano Film Festival would take place and would be beautiful: and it will be so! Nevertheless, this difficult and muddled 2020 will be different.

Actually we are satisfied to give you a real Film Festival, enrich with an articulated program which puts the seventh art in relation with music, writing, art, fashion, games … Cinema and the Arts, as our Artistic Director Gabriele Salvatores stated too.

We have designed a special edition. We have been working on it for over a year to give you, in addition to traditional International Competitions, screenings resulting from careful research and over 150 hours of events, through entertainment and training, something special which will be able to continue the path of enhancement of workers and promote the network among the subjects operating in the film industry; an ambitious project, launched last year with the Industry program, which aims to make Milan the Italian audiovisual hub.

That’s why we have decided to postpone MFF25 to 2021, as jointly agreed with our institutional and private partners, because this is the only way we can assure an edition of the Milano Film Festival deserving of its twenty-fifth anniversary!

In the meantime, we ask you to stay by our side and wait for the right moment to group us together, physically, here in Milan. We believe, in fact, that our Festival can really express itself only through the energy and exchange of ideas which spring from shared vision experience, from reflections stimulated by the meetings, from celebrating together the magic of the seventh art, between one projection and the other. All this cannot be only resolved in online dating from the sofa at home.

While waiting for MFF25, we will be present in Autumn 2020 with some movie nights and meetings in the heart of Milan that will remind us that our Film Festival will come soon. We need just a bit patience anymore.