Waldo’s Dream

Santiago O Ryan
Waldo's Dream
Animation marathon

Anteo – Sala President, 01-10-2018 21:30
Anteo – Sala Excelsior, 01-10-2018 20:30

Original Title
El Sueño de Waldo

International Title
Waldo’s Dream

Santiago O Ryan



Year of Production

Lunes Animation Studio & Fabula


Waldo’€™s Dream tells the story of Waldo Joy, a man tormented by the horrible birth malformation of his only son, grief that he tries to leave behind through the construction of a huge amusement park named “Happyland”, to controlling the world under his own utopia of order and beauty.


Santiago O Ryan
Producer, director, screenwriter and a partner of an independent producing company LUNES cinetv. MA in screenwriting and audiovisual production at the Universidad de los Andes. Diploma Cerificate in Creative Writing, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Selected Berlinale Talents/Guadalajara 2018.
He has won differents national and international funds. His original projects were selected for pitches and festivals in Argentina (Ventana Sur), Chile (Cartoon Network Latam), Spain (BTG), Canada (Ottawa Animation Festival), Anima Mundi (Brasil) and Hiroshima (Japan). This year is an outstanding part of Annecy Festival, with the participation of a Tv Series “Tom, the forest ranger” in Animation Du Monde MIFA Pitch and a short film “Waldo´s Dream” in the Perspective Official Selection 2018.

Jose Inacio Navarro
Jose Ignacio Navarro, audiovisual director and master in script, in 2007 founded the production company LUNES CineTv with which he has developed several projects for advertising, television, internet and cinema. He is currently in the post-production of an animated feature film and in the pre-production of three animated series. His original projects were selected for pitches all around the world and the short film Waldo´s Dream is into the Perspective Official Selection 2018.

Jorge Campusano
Jorge Campusano, audiovisual producer and screenwriter of fiction and animation, for cinema, television, internet and advertising, achieved a Degree in Social Communication, with mention in Advertising, a Master in Script and Audiovisual Development, a Diploma in Management and Development of Creative and Communications Companies. Jorge is a founding partner of the animation and content studio LUNES CineTv. His short film Waldo ́s Dream is into the Perspective Official Selection 2018.


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Waldo’s Dream 2018