milano film festivalino

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“While reverie, invention and creativity produce something that was not there before, imagination can even imagine something that already exists but is not among us at present.” This sentence by Bruno Munari seems tailor-made for this edition of milano film festivalino that doubles this year: a program for children aged between 4-7, full of visual suggestions and stories for early childhood and one – dedicated to an audience aged between 8-12 – dealing with deeper and more contemporary themes. milano film festivalino is a unique opportunity to grow tomorrow’s spectators able to discover realities from all over the world, from a Chinese fairy tale to a story on diversity seen through the eyes of a striped tiger. A small oasis of imagination that, with a laugh or frightful amusement, gives that ability to speak to any age and gaze back to films.

To experiment, train the imagination and talk about the needs of contemporary families. There will be a world to discover beyond the screen in several areas of The Space Cinema Odeon at the Milano Film Festival this year. Creative workshops and talks designed for children and those accompanying them, arranged in evocative mini sets. The program is curated by The Playful Living festivalino Cultural Partner), a co-design platform that intervenes in public and private spaces transforming them into places of confrontation, to discover the value of playing shared by adults and children. In fact, just like a good film, playing makes it possible to merge reality and imagination, and trains the mind to think of new ways to interact with the social and environmental areas, people and territories, with the communities and the city. This means that it helps making happy children and citizens.