Scent of grease

On its 40th anniversary, Grease, the most beloved musical of all time, has returned to the big screens in a restored 4K copy, thanks to Milano Film Festival and Logic.

A special event with a special format: the film has been screened in odorama – with fragrances released inside the cinema – to make us live a unique immersive experience and identify with film icons Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John). An unforgettable vision.

On October 2 and 3, Logic offered the festivalgoers the opportunity to attend the event in prime time for free. Viewers just had to register at the stall in piazza XXV Aprile to receive a free ticket and many other surprises.
Film tradition has met innovation for a multisensory experience. Thanks to Logic, the movie’s irresistible music has left a memory… with the scent of grease!

But Grease wasn’t just at cinemas.

From September 28th to October 7th at Logic stall in piazza XXV Aprile you could let yourself hair dressed and make up in true ’50s style and, if you’re lucky, you could join the Rockabilly dancers who surprised the Piazza until Tuesday, October 2!

Good to know

October, Tuesday 2nd
at 8 pm
at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

October, Wednesday 3rd
at 9.30 pm
at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

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