The Festival

Milano Film Festival has been a production by esterni since 1996.

It’s an opportunity to experience places through new visions.

For over twenty years, we have been the major cinema event in the city; a platform for international independent cinema that risks, experiments, tries and finds new ways.

We work with public and private organizations to build a heterogeneous, multi-faceted and international programme thanks to a continuous research.

Our screenings are an opportunity to give new visions to places that are often already part of our (and your) lives.

Furthermore, for the first year, we open ourselves to the Industry world, proposing ourselves as an international HUB for professionals in the audiovisual sector, through a parallel event in which we will involve local as well as international professionals in several experiences, conferences and workshops;

with the aim of creating a strong network and ensure visibility to a constantly growing sector, which is attracting important international investments.


Milano Film Festival – supported by Milan City Council, Regione Lombardia and MiBACT – is a founding member of Milano Film Network (MFN).
In 2015, Milano Film Festival received a prestigious prize, called Ambrogino d’Oro, which is awarded to worthy public-spirited figures and organizations in Milan.