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Borsa Democratica del Cinema - 2nd edition

A communal place, a new film fair where emerging and renowned members of the film industry can exchange and share ideas and projects.

The 2nd edition of the Borsa Democratica del Cinema (Democratic Film Exchange) will run from 21st to 24th September at the Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta.

Directors, screenwriters, actors and set designers, producers and distributors, film schools, institutions and young independent filmmakers will gather to present ideas and projects and analyse the current situation of the film industry. The aim is to instigate change by creating new cultural, professional and business relationships.

The Borsa is mainly intended for film professionals, but the programme also includes events that are open to the public. Visitors will find information and useful materials in different exhibition corners, and will have the chance to take part in meetings, screenings and workshops.

Free entrance with accreditation card to the Borsa or to the Milano Film Festival
Open day: September 24

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