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separe.gif Feature Film Competition This year's selection for the Feature Film Competition has ended. From China to Chile, from Sweden to Hungary, ten Italian premiéres. Two documentaries, and seven debut films.. .

Ainda Orangutans (Still Orangutans)
Gustavo Spolidoro, Brasile, 2007, 35mm, 81' - From Brazil a reckless film shot using one single long take. Eight stories collide, creating an almost surreal atmosphere.

Tue 16 - h. 21.00, Parco - Piazza Grande
Sat 20 - h. 17.00, Teatro Strehler
El asesino entre nosotros (The Murderer Among Us)
Daniel Benavides, Cile, 2007, DV, 83' - A Chilean film, written by a secondary-school class. A murder, many suspects. A cold, sharp, disenchanted noir thriller.

Sat 13 - h. 22.30, Teatro Studio
Thu 18 - h.17.00, Teatro Strehler
Lance Hammer, USA, 2008, 35mm, 96' - An intense, gloomy drama from the South of the US. Filmed using non-professional actors, it was selected for Berlin Festival.

Tue 16 - h.22.30, Teatro Strehler
Fri 19 - h.15.00, Teatro Dal Verme
De Ofrivilliga (Involuntary)
Ruben Ostlund, Svezia, 2008, 35mm, 98' - From Cannes' Certain Regard section, the debut work of a filmmaker who had already been selected for Milano Film Festival. Entwined stories taking place in the estranging Swedish summer.

Sun 14 - h.20.30, Teatro Strehler
Wed 17 - h.17.00, Teatro Dal Verme
Jin bi hui huang (Fujian Blue)
Weng Shou-ming, Cina, 2007, 35mm, 91' - From modern China, a portrait of the decline experienced by the country after the advent of capitalism. The debut film of a 26-year-old filmmaker.

Sun 14 - h.15.00, Teatro Strehler
Wed 17 - h.22.30, Teatro Strehler
Lassú TükÖr (Slow Mirror)
Igor e Ivan Buharov, Ungheria, 2007, 35mm, 86' - The Budapest version of Ciprě and Maresco, the Buharov Brothers finally present their first fiction film. The melancholy and upset story of a man who undergoes an extremely unsuccessful tongue operation...

Sun 14 - h.17.00, Teatro Studio
Fri 19 - h.20.30, Teatro Strehler
Mír s tuleni (Peace With Seals)
Miloslav Novak, Repubblica Ceca/Italia, 2007, 16mm, 86' - The first film in the world about a monk seal. A crazy trip to discover why people have replaced seals during evolution.

Sun 14 - h.22.30, Teatro Studio
Wed 17 - h.15.00, Teatro Strehler
Rusalka (Mermaid)
Anna Melikyan, Russia, 2007, 35mm, 115' - The urban fairytale of mermaid Alisa, who at the age of six stops talking, and at the age of 18 leaves her home by the sea and moves to Moscow. Anna MelikianŐs new film, that opened BerlinŐs Panorama section.

Fri 12 - h. 20.30, Teatro Strehler
Tue 16 - h. 15.00, Teatro Strehler
La sangre brota (Blood Appears)
Pablo Fendrik, Argentina/Francia/Germania, 2008, 35mm, 100' - A dirty matter of money can even part families. Argentinian film talent Pablo Fendrik presents an Italian premiére.

Mon 15 - h. 15.00, Teatro Dal Verme
Sat 20 - h. 20.30, Teatro Strehler
Ztracená dovolená (Lost Holiday)
Lucie Králová, Repubblica Ceca/Cina/Svezia, 2007, 35mm, 84' - A detective documentary on the track of six Chinese men. A suitcase found in Sweden. Suspects, reconstructions, and televisions.

Sat 13 - h. 17.30, Teatro Strehler
Thu 18, h.20.30 - Teatro Strehler