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home / 2008 / juries separe.gif International Feature Film JuryHere's the 13rd edition feature film jury:

Manuel Agnelli
- In 1990, he recorded his debut album During Christine's Sleep...

Silvia Ballestra - Born in the Marches region in 1969, she started to write literary texts at the age of 18, when she started college in Bologna...

Carlotta Cristiani - In the last few years, she has edited films by some among the best Italian filmmakers, featured at many international festivals...

Alessandro Piva - Born in 1966, he became a director after working as a photographer, editor, and screenwriter...

separe.gif Short Film Competition Jury
The BFI (British Film Institute)

This year's Short Film Jury is a group of representatives from the renowned British Film Institute, including the BFI heads of exhibitions and events, the film programme curators and the people in charge of educational programmes.

Elisabetta Fabrizi, Head of Exhibitions
Rhidian Davies, Education curator: public programme
Stuart Brown, Head of Events
William Fowler, Curator of Artists moving image (BFI Archive)
Simon Duffy, Assistant Programme Coordinator
A critic from Sight&Sound

The British Film Institute was established in 1933. In the following year
it started the National Film Archive (now National Film and Television Archive), and in 1938 it became one of the founding members of the FIAF (Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film). The archive is
one of the largest worldwide, holding over 150,000 films and 600,000 TV programmes. The BFI archive contains a significant amount of entries
on films, technical data and copyright, now gathered in a state-of-the-art digital database accessible from the internet. In 2003 it launched the website screenonline, an authoritative source of information on British films and TV shows, featuring moving images and aimed specifically at schools, colleges and libraries.

Last year, the BFI successfully opened the BFI Southbank, a new centre dedicated to all kinds of films. Situated in the London area of Waterloo, it includes four cinemas, a mediatheque, a contemporary art gallery displaying works by artists who deal with moving images,
and the only bookstore in London selling only film-related books. The BFI organizes film retrospectives, as well as events, some of which are part of an educational programme. The BFI National Library, in the Tottenham Court Road area, holds a large collection of periodical titles and newspaper cuttings on films, and it is open to the public.
The BFI is organizer of both the London Film Festival and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and it also supports the development of a moving image culture. To that end, it promotes a series of initiatives, including the publishing of a wide range of books and of the authoritative monthly "Sight and Sound", the release of DVDs, the restoration of old films, and the distribution of both British and international films.