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Programme - from 12th to 21st of september:
Feature film competition
This year's selection for the Feature Film Competition has ended...
Short film competition
After months spent watching films, we have selected the 48 short films...
The Imaginarium of Doctor Gilliam

An unconventional retrospective that mixes the films he has made and his films dealing with their own making...
State (t)error
The documentaries tell little know stories or stories whose best-known versions are doctored...
The season represents a different insight into the history of contemporary culture, dedicated to independent productions...
Italian get-togethers
The programme combines debates and screenings dedicated to young Italian filmmakers who make short films...
Immigration Day
Call on civil society and public opinion to get back to common sense, and the respect for human beings and their rights. A day dedicated to immigrationin collaboration with Naga
milano film festivalino
Screenings of short films, guided tours of the Aquarium, workshops on animation, music and painting
Godless america
Family and personal anguish, and deeply conflicting feelings so well-implanted in the US public imagination...
Gypsy Movies
A selection of the best films from and about the gypsy world. Films that have never been distributed or inadequately...
Issues like sustainable development, right for quality, food safety, enviromental defence and renewable resources.
Focus on Animation
Special screenings, film marathons by night, workshops and seminars to get to know the most innovative techniques and instruments...
Focus on Videoclip
Exploring new visual and musical experimenting landscapes, and travelling the world to discover new talents.
Movi(e)ng Cities
A film season based on the visual exploration of different urban landscapes and atmospheres...
(Un)common people
Biographical documentaries: films depicting life-long struggles against hostile environments...
Film Festivals from the World
We are going to invite the most interesting world festivals to talk about their past experiences...
Short yet good
Some ironic and original short films about food and taste.
Salon des Refuses
Salon des Refusés and Altri mondi a Milano...
Music at Milano Film Festival
This festival doesn't only mean films.
Everyday live concerts and dj sets with young and independent artists.