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Become a sponsor of Milano Film Festival

""It is much more than just a film festival. Its audience is made up of mostly young people, and it is different than that of any other film festival." Alberto Pezzotta, Corriere della Sera.

Over the years, the programme of Milano Film Festival has grown richer and richer: this year, in addition to the traditional feature film competition and the short film competition, we will also present a comprehensive retrospective on Terry Gilliam, a number of out-of-competition film seasons, and more events, meetings, workshops and concerts.

This year's edition of Milano Film Festival (September 12th-21st) will feature one more venue: the Dal Verme Theatre will be added to the list of now-traditional festival venues, like the Strehler Theatre, Piazza del Cannone (Sempione Park), the Studio Theatre (once again prominent during the first weekend), and the Aquarium. Also our hospitality project for filmmakers and pass holders continues: during the festival, the art deco building inside Milan's General Markets will accommodate hundreds of Italian and foreign filmmakers.

The festival's growth is also confirmed by the raising number of entries to our film competitions: 3,000 films from 115 countries (with a 50% increase on last year) have answered the call for entries published on our website and promoted by word-of-mouth by international filmmakers, schools, festivals and production houses we have been collaborating with over the years.

The website for the 13th edition of Milano Film Festival has been online since January 2008 (when the call for entries was launched), and the constantly updated programme is the main source of information for members of the press.
In 2007 the estimated number of people visiting the website between June and September was 500,000, among which 200,000 in September only.

Become a partner of Milano Film Festival

Milano Film Festival represents a great occasion for its business sponsors to get their names associated with an international event that combines the pursuit of innovative works with the presence of a wide and varied audience (93,000 people in 2007, with a core target group of young people of 20-35 years of age) with an interest in culture, communication, images, and design.

We design a special project for every partner, in order to directly associate their brand with the event, and combine business know-how with the festival's atmosphere by developing a common communication platform and by collaborating to organize and improve the festival's programme and production.

There are different ways for business sponsors to support Milano Film Festival:

Becoming our Presenting Sponsor offers best business visibility, as our partner's corporate logo will be included in the 2008 MFF logo and displayed during all communication activities. Moreover, our Presenting Sponsor will get great visibility on one of the most PR-strategic venues.

Milano Film Festival's Main Sponsors (maximum 3 sponsors) will be prominently displayed on all promotional materials. In order to improve partnership work and offer our audience more services, we are willing to develop initiatives in collaboration with our sponsors. Every Main Sponsor gets an exclusive place to display its brand and messages.

Our Official Partners, leaders in their fields, often associate their name to a festival section or to a specific thematic area of the programme that features lots of activities and can thus reach the whole Milanese community.

Vital for the festival's survival are also Technical Sponsors, who provide us with their products and services to allow the festival to improve every year. With a keen eye for high-quality and innovation.