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Best Feature Film
The jury will confer the Best Feature Film Award, a 5.000 euro prize that will go to the director of the award winning film. The jury will also have the possibility to give special mentions to other films that have distinguished themselves.

Best Short film
The prize is worth 2.500 euro and it will go to the director of the Best Short Film. Also in this case, the jury will have the possibility to give special mention. However, their maximum number will not exceed the number of members featured in the jury.

Aprile Award
Every Year, the Aprile Award will be assigned by the members of the feature and short film selection committee to the film best representing the festival's spirit.

Audience Award
A vote for each coin. These words have been welcoming festival goers for years as they exit the cinema. They have the chance to vote for their favourite film by inserting a coin - regardless of its value - in the corresponding ballot box. The total amount of money collected is given to the director of the film that has got most coins.

Staff Award

Student's Jury Award

The juries

The feature film jury is made up of prominent figures belonging to different Italian and international cultural fields directors, actors, but also writers, musicians, personalities of the cultural world in general. This variety creates a common ground for different artistic expressions and for different interpretations of contemporary life.
The long list of jurors also includes Maurizio Maggiani and Art Spiegelman, Luca Bigazzi and Nicolo Ammanniti, Yolanda Mukagasana, Angela Ricci Lucchi and Yervant Gianikian, Alia Arasoughly and Jean Jeaques Wunenburger, Daniele Gaglianone, Danielle Arbid and Roberto Saviano, Marco Baliani, Esmeralda Calabria and Andrew Davies, Manuel Agnelli, Silvia Ballestra, up to the international 2009 jury: Simon Ellis, Anna Melykian, Nicolas Provost, Michelange Quay, Joachim Trier.

The short film jury is composed of a group of Italian or international professionals belonging to the world of cinema or visual arts a close group of people used to working together, like the editorial office of a magazine, the writers of a TV broadcast, or the members of a film association. Among those who participated in the past: the Associazione Nazionale Montatori, the editorial office of Duellanti, Alias, minimum fax, Les Inrockuptibles, Studio Azzurro, Teatro delle Albe, the BFI British Film Institute and in 2009 ARTE France Cinema.