4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
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Presentation and screening of the first two episodes of Status, the Are You Series? winning web serie.

Are You Series? is the contest launched in 2013 by Milano Film Festival and Banca Prossima for the production of a web series about the non-profit world. The winner, thanks to the support of Banca Prossima, will realize a web series of 10 episodes with the collaboration of professional tutors.

Status, the web serie written and directed by Margherita Ferri, Renato Giugliano and Davide Labranti won the contest and the 60.000 euro prize, they are currently working on the other episodes.

September 8th, Teatro Studio Melato, 8pm.

With the participation of Status's protagonists, Beniamimo Saibene, MFF president, Marco Morganti, Banca Prossima managing director and Gianluca Guzzo, Mymovies.it managing director.

First episode
Second episode

Are You Series - 3 Meetings

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Three meetings at the Scatola Magica - Strehler Theather to examine in depth the Series language and new ways of comunicating the non profit world.

Wednesday, September 10 – 6.30 pm
How to narrate the non profit: when the cinema meets the third Sector

Thursday, September 11 – 6.30 pm
Cinema 2.0: web series in Italy

Friday, September 12 – 6.30 pm

New formats and new languages : is there a market ? 

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