4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
CIVICA SCUOLA DI CINEMA (at) Milano Film Festival
in collaboration with


Scatola Magica at the Strehler Theatre, 11 am - Don’t Play With Food: A presentation of adverts encouraging us to waste less food produced by the School’s students in collaboration with EDI. 

Sala Grande at the Strehler Theatre, from 5pm - Festa della Scuola: As is customary, the school celebrates its success at the Milan Film Festival by watching films and showing the most successful works from across the academic year.

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followed by:

Scatola Magica at The Strehler Theatre, 7 pm - In collaboration with… : Like every year, projects in collaboration with partners that aren’t usually on the syllabus are given space among the school’s more usual academics. 

Strelher's Sagrato, 8 pm - A toast on the Sagrato: A drinks reception to greet graduates, students and spectators, and to officially open the new Ex-Tabacco Manufacturers’ headquarters.

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