Brian Knappenberger / USA / 2012 / HD / 90



  • Filmaker Brian Knappenberger
  • Original title
  • Country USA
  • Production year 2012
  • Format HD
  • Produzione Luminant Media
  • Productor Brian Knappenberger, Ruth O’Neill
  • Distribution Luminant Media
  • Screenplay Brian Knappenberger
  • Interpreters Mercedes Haefer, Mike Vitale, Gabriella Coleman, Joshua Corman, Peter Fein
  • Musics John Dragonnetti
  • Editing Andrew Robertson
  • Photography Dan Krauss, Lincoln Else, Scott Sinkler
  • Sound editor Nathan Smith


  • 13-09-2012 21:00 / Parco Sempione
  • 16-09-2012 21:00 / Cinema Rosetum


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Anarchist collective or militia to defend freedom of expression? Genuine revolutionaries or antisocial advocates of chaos? Everyone, after seeing the film by Brian Knappenberger, can get an idea of Anonymous. From the genesis in 2003, through the posts of 4chan, to the support given to the Tunisian and Egyptian activists during the Arab spring, passing by the actions against Scientology and PayPal, and the flanking of WikiLeaks ,We are legion, through the voice of hacktivists themselves (many of which are not protected by anonymity), provides an overview of on of the key events in our recent history that no organ of official information would approve. An ode to civil disobedience.


Brian Knappenberger is a writer, director and producer who has created numerous documentaries, commercials and feature films for the Sundance Channel, PBS FRONTLINE/World, The Travel Channel, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. His films have explored the changing politics and tensions in southern Afghanistan in “Life After War” along with abuses of power and freedom of speech issues in Ukraine for “A Murder in Kyiv.” Other work has ranged from the changing conditions in the Arctic, to how advanced technology changes our physical bodies in “Into The Body.” Brian currently lives in Venice, California and runs the award winning production company Luminant Media.


  • WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists 2012
  • Life After War 2003
  • Into the Body 2001


"I had been following Anonymous long before I started making the film WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists - watching them with interest after they first came to general prominence with their 2008 attack on the Church of Scientology. Like many people I erroneously assumed they would always be associated with protesting Scientology. A year ago that changed, and it became clear they were redefining themselves in fascinating and powerful ways. The biggest challenge in documenting Anonymous is pretty much what you'd expect, getting close to enough individuals involved in these various raids to be able to tell an accurate story."