5-15 SEPTEMBER 2013

Silent Passengers

Hirofumi Nakamoto / JPN / 2012 / HD / 15


  • Filmaker Hirofumi Nakamoto
  • Original title Silent Passengers
  • Country JPN
  • Production year 2012
  • Format HD
  • Produzione Hirofumi Nakamoto
  • Productor Hirofumi Nakamoto
  • Distribution CaRtebLaNChe - Tamaki Okamoto
  • Screenplay Hirofumi Nakamoto
  • Interpreters
  • Musics
  • Editing Hirofumi Nakamoto
  • Photography Hirofumi Nakamoto


  • 07-09-2013 21:00 / Parco Sempione
  • 10-09-2013 22:30 / Teatro Strehler
  • 12-09-2013 17:00 / Teatro Strehler


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In a hotel room in Okinawa, many local animals (none were harmed): hermit crabs, starfish, frogs and lizards. The change of habitat leaves them disorientated and the video camera, sometimes left to record remotely, is evidence of their wandering around the room. Straddling the line between a documentary and experimental cinema, for its Japanese director, Hirofumi Nakamoto, it is a science fiction film that has come from and stars the animals themselves. For them, deep space is an unknown hotel room while viewers are in awe of their size and their movements on the screen, it is a fantasy film borne out of animal instincts.

Alessandro Beretta


Born in Kanagawa in Japan in 1986, he studied fine art at the university of the West of England in Bristol on an exchange programme with Tokyo Zokei university in 2010. He completed his degree in 2011 back in Japan and then began to study film and new media at Tokyo university of the Arts


  • Silent Passengers (short) 2012
  • The Silent Prisoners (short) 2012
  • The Resident of No Voice (short) 2012
  • The Silent Traveler (short) 2012
  • Quiet Visitor (short) 2011
  • Seagull (short) 2010
  • Cloud Land (short) 2009