4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

Village modèle

Hayoun Kwon / FRA / 2014 / HD / 10´


  • Filmaker Hayoun Kwon
  • Original title Model Village
  • Country FRA
  • Production year 2014
  • Format HD
  • Screenplay Hayoun Kwon
  • Editing Hayoun Kwon
  • Photography Simon Gesrel
  • Sound editor Hayoun Kwon, Samuel Mittelman


  • 06-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 09-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 12-09-2014 15:00 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]


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Kijong-dong is a ghost town in North Korea’s demilitarised zone. It has a non-existent population and its supposed urbanisation is a myth. Built in 1950, the town known as the propaganda village is little more than a film set and inaccessible to this day. The South Korean filmmaker takes us on a unique journey that reflects the emptiness of the propaganda town: a journey punctuated by testimonies and soundtracks. After Manque de prevues, Hayoun Kwon returns to reflect on vision and staging, and fiction and reality. She recreates scenes that the viewer would otherwise be denied, and works where visual evidence is denied - and therefore inevitably dreamed of and rebuilt.

Lara Casirati


Hayoun Kwon
Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1981, she first studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, and then graduated from the Fresnoy - Studio national des Arts contemporains in 2011. Her work revolves mostly around the notions of memory (wether individual or collective), boundaries and limits, questioning the blurred lines between intention and interpretation, construction and fiction, recollection and invention. She examines the ambivalent relationships between reality and fiction.


  • Village modéle (Model Village) 2014
  • Manque de prevues (Lack of Evidence) 2011