4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

Marc Jacobs

Sam de Jong / NLD / 2013 / 16mm / 17´


  • Filmaker Sam de Jong
  • Original title Marc Jacobs
  • Country NLD
  • Production year 2013
  • Format 16mm
  • Screenplay Sam De Jong
  • Interpreters Oussama Addi, Chaalisa Belkadi, Ruhi Belkadi, Ozzy Clky, Peter Douma, Ayoub Elasri, Donna Harreman, Achraf Meziani
  • Editing Mieneke Kramer
  • Photography Ton Peters
  • Sound editor Vincent Sincretti


  • 06-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 09-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 12-09-2014 15:00 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]


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Soufyane is 9 years-old and lives in Amsterdam-Noord. The son of a Moroccan immigrant, he spends his days with a group of older friends. Soufyane has very clear ideas: while all his friends want a pair of Ray Bans, he wants a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Soufyane may be small, but he already knows how to negotiate and close small deals. Soufyane is excited because his Dad’s going to take him on a trip to Morocco. Soufyane packs his suitcase, runs out and goes to his Dad’s house, and shouts him from the back yard. The classic theme of many short films, the father son relationship, is treated in a completely original way here. Selected at the Berlin Festival 2014.

Elisabetta Fanti


Sam de Jong
Born in Amsterdam, he graduated in 2012 from the Netherlands Film Academy. His graduation film Magnesium, was critically acclaimed and awarded several prices. Sam directs both drama and documentary, as in film school he studied both. At the moment he has finished his first feature Prince.


  • Prince (Prins) 2015
  • Malaguti Phantom (cm) 2014
  • Marc Jacobs (cm) 2013
  • Magnesium (cm) 2012
  • Straydogs (cm) 2011
  • Noord gestoord (cm) 2010
  • Wusthof (cm) 2009