4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

La baracca

Alessandro De Leo / Federico Di Corato / ITA / 2014 / HD video - Hi8 / 28´


  • Filmaker Alessandro De Leo Federico Di Corato
  • Original title The Shack
  • Country ITA
  • Production year 2014
  • Format HD video - Hi8
  • Screenplay Federico Di Corato
  • Interpreters Massimo Bruno, Daniele D Angelo, Ludovica Pagliani, Josè Rutigliano, Lucrezia Zaccaro, Riccardo Zagaria
  • Musics Leonardo Addati, Alessandro Moroni, Fabio Tesoro
  • Editing Alessandro De Leo
  • Photography Federico Di Corato
  • Sound editor Matteo De Marinis, Domenico Paradiso


  • 06-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 09-09-2014 22:30 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]
  • 12-09-2014 15:00 / Teatro Strehler [Group K]


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In the midst of the turmoil of the separation of their parents, two young brothers decide to take a break from the world, teaming up with other local children to seek refuge in a self-sufficient society. A shack to furnish and a commune on the margins of adolescence, far away from everything but not without its disharmonies. Amateur footage and discordant camera angles capture the voracity with which childhood perceives what life has to offer: sunny landscapes, southern liturgy and media icons, initiations and rebellion. In this film De Leo and Di Corato have produced a coming-of-age story, which, on the one hand, looks to overseas cinema, and on the other, rejuvenates stories about Southern Italy by experimenting with the medium of film.

Lara Casirati


Alessandro De Leo
Born in Milan in 1990 and gained a diploma from ITSOS Albe Steiner before specializing at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA). He has directed a number of videos for artists on Milan’s music scene. In 2014 he founded the audiovisual experimentation and production collective To Guys.


  • La baracca (The Shack) 2014


Federico Di Corato
Born in Andria (Bari) in 1991, where he attended a classics studies high school before moving to Milan to enroll in the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA). He is a member of the audiovisual and graphic arts collective Nowahuta. The Shack, which he wrote and directed, is the first part of a trilogy on the aesthetics and formats of amateur filmmaking.


  • La baracca (The Shack) 2014