4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

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A Political Story
A Political Story

Lander Camarero ESP 2013 HD 27

Lauren C. Carroll is studying direction at the New York Film Institute and thinks that her final project should be a film on the upheavals in contemporary society. She is horrified by the idea of making an entertainment film. This is a film that pokes fun at political cinema with much irony and intelligence.
A Soccer Game Journal
Bir Maç Günlüğü

Deniz Özden TUR 2014 HD 5

In a bar with big glass walls, the fans are following the match between Turkey and Holland. There is a hope that perhaps they’ll manage to beat the Oranges. Meanwhile on the second floor, another unexpected event is underway involving the women. The result is an examination of cultural contrasts.
Age of Cannibals
Zeit der Kannibalen

Johannes Naber DEU 2013 HD 93

The world of Öllers and Niederländer, rich consultants in a multinational company, is built on greed and the profit of their clients. Their routine comprises luxury hotel rooms, where geographic location is not important and the outside world is excluded. A critical drama on the contemporary world of finance – grotesque and fast-paced.
Alfred Jarry & \'Pataphysics
Alfred Jarry & \'Pataphysics

Skizz Cyzyk USA 2013 HD 3

Pataphysics, the literary pseudoscience invented by Alfred Jarry, is a form of creativity which dwells on the exceptions that support scientific theories and methods, using technical academic expressions to create surreal and nonsense comic effects.
All That Is Solid
All That Is Solid

Louis Henderson FRA 2014 HD 16

What do gold, colonialism and cloud storage have in common? In front of a computer screen that is clicked by an invisible hand, the viewer follows an experimental video essay that connects material found online in new ways. The web becomes a cinema critic and tries to be “the archeology of the future”.
Amour fou
Amour fou

Jessica Hausner AUT 2014 HD 96

Berlin, 1811. Heinrich Von Kleist is going through, like the characters in his work, a period of profound crisis: and so he has come to the decision to end his life, organising it with a friend, so that death is justified by love. Jessica Hausner (Lourdes), gives form to the extreme consequences of romantic thought, staging that is clear and rigorous. Presented in Un certain regard at Cannes 2014.

Francesco Alliaud Pietro Ciccotti Michele Monti Harald Pizzini Francesca Taurino ITA 2005 HD 7

Amperio doesn’t have a very easy life: he’d electrostatic due to being involved in a short circuit just after he was born. Every part of his daily life is complicated by his condition, even trying to make his dream of falling in love come true.
An Adventurous Afternoon
Ein abenteuerlicher nachmittag

Kirsten Carina Geisser Ines Christine Geisser DEU 2013 HD 6

Giant Fox and William Honda only want a good coffee, and they do not know that they are about to venture on a journey through the galaxy on a pink afternoon animated by super heroes and super villains.

Annekatrin Hendel DEU 2014 HD 94

Sacha Anderson was the troublemaker of the group in Berlin\'s \'80s alternative scene: he was well-read, and lively and handsome; a friend of Heiner Müller and Christa Wolf, and seemed to everyone to have a bright future ahead of him. No one imagined that behind this facade was hiding a zealous Stasi informant.

Virgil Vernier FRA 2013 HD 20

A shopping mall in the middle of mountains, pyramids of goods, a glass tower dedicated to body care: Andorra makes dazzling promises of modern happiness. But when the night comes, streets fall again into silence and Andorra shines only for itself.
Arrête ou je Continue 
If You Don\'t, I Will

Sophie Fillières FRA 2014 HD 102

Pomme and Pierre have been together for many years, but silence dominates their days: and, so, Pomme decides first to go to the woods and then to stay there. A delicate story about the end of a love story and a splendid portrait of a woman, the film manages to capture all the comic and tragic nuances in the couple’s life.
Au nord du monde
Au nord du monde

Raphaël Bélanger CAN 2014 HD 21

Three teenagers are found dead in suspicious circumstances, in an aboriginal community of Quebec. Is it a case of spontaneous human combustion, a macabre urban legend that cyclically resurfaces over the centuries? A sinister story set against the snow of the north, suspended between ancestral tradition and modern-day tragedy.
Aimer, boire et chanter
Life of Riley

Alain Resnais FRA 2014 HD 108

An amateur theatre company is shocked by the news that their friend, George Riley, is going to die. It’s the latest work by Alain Resnais, who has always been fascinated by the grand theatre that is life, where love, our memories and the difficulty of separation from youth, and eventually life, reign supreme.