4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Corpo a corpo
Body to Body

Mario Brenta Karine De Villers ITA 2014 HD 90

Filmed during preparations for Pippo Delbono’s Orchids, Body to Body is a first-hand account of a method of work in which the actor becomes author and the author actor. Brenta and De Villers follow, move for move, the life of a theatre company - on the stage, behind the scenes and in the foyer builds a tangle of stories about the illusion of life and cinema.
Cambodia 2099
Cambodia 2099

Davy Chou FRA 2014 HD 21

It’s election time in Phnom Penh, and on Diamond Island - an urban symbol of modernity - two friends confess their dreams. In the cadences of intimate science fiction, a look at the profound distress felt by those who feel they have no choice but to move, and those who dream of travelling into the future.
Catch a Lot
Catch a Lot

Yohann Clèment Roman Dumez Richard Lim Kèvin Palluet Martyn Stofkoofer Jean-Marie Vouillon FRA 2013 HD 4

Sometimes, your own father can seem austere and boring. This is how the young protagonist of the piece feels as he accompanies his father on a fishing trip on the high seas. Then he comes to realise that on the contrary, sometimes your own parents can turn out to be… real live superheroes!
Children 404
Deti 404

Askold Kurov Pavel Loparev RUS 2014 HD 70

Elena Klimova, the founder of Deti 404, a support group for gay teenagers, and 45 teenagers, are at the heart of this film, narrated, very bravely, in the first person. This is a very real and terrifying picture of contemporary Russia: violence and homophobia, from the institutions, is filtered down into relationships and everyday life.

Marcelo Grabowsky BRA 2014 HD 18

Under the blinding sun Clara struggles to see her family and the reality that surrounds her. Clara spends her days at the pool of her house, exposed to the sun, but protected at the comfort of what appears to be a perfect world. A public scandal involving her dad sparks an internal turmoil that adds fervor to already boiling teenage desires and hormones. From innocence to guilt, from comfort to confrontation, Clara faces the legacy of her family’s actions and the consequences of her own behavior.
Choir Tour
Kora turneja

Edmunds Jansons LVA 2012 HD 5

The persistent rhythm of footsteps, singing and whistles. The transfer of a choir of young people to Seoul turns into a flyaway escape from their conductor.

Pier Paolo BRA 2014 HD 1

Kill Bill and Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Robocop, Friday the 13th and Freddy Krueger: they all answer present in this relay of the cinema from the 1950s to the present.

Alan Holly IRL 2014 HD 9

The final hour has arrived. But who would be ready to go without asking to see more? In this classic animation, the result of almost five years’ work, Alan Holly creates something profound and packed with meaning - from the fox and the need to always to be able to see, to the cyclical nature of life and the eternal return, the "Coda".

Enrico Maisto ITA 2014 HD 70

Francesco Maisto, the director’s father, was a parole officer in Milan’s San Vittore prison in the years of terrorism. Felice has always been a Communist, an ex-activist of Lotta Continua. They are great friends. Humanity is the guiding thread of this intimate and sincere documentary, which deals with friendship and political urgency.
Come Clean
Come Clean

Louisa Mayman GBR 2012 HD 8

Two baths, two pills, one night... The sudden intimacy of nakedness and the freedom of a stranger\'s ear.
Come to My Voice
Were Dengê Min

Hüseyin Karabey TUR 2014 HD 105

The Turkish army comes bursting into a Kurdish village and arrests the men, who are suspected of terrorism, threatening to hold them captive until the weapons it is looking for are surrendered. An elderly woman and her granddaughter set off on a long journey in search of a gun to exchange for their loved one.
Cruise Patrol
Cruise Patrol

Bobby de Groot Arjan van Meerten NLD 2013 HD 7

Acidic colours and references are at the basis of a film where two teddy bears armed to the teeth drive at top speed down a dusty road, with a queer policeman willing to do any heroic act to stop them hot on their heels.
Cher Hassan
Dear Hassan

Axel Salvatori-Sinz FRA 2014 HD 4

A letter of farewell to a friend – Hassan – one of the “Chebabs” of Yarmouk, the Palestinian refugee camp destroyed by the bombings of the Assad regime. From the heart-wrenching goodbyes of Les chebabs de Yarmouk [State (T)Error, 2013] to the director’s final farewell to a travel companion, arrested and killed in prison.