4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Jukka Silokunnas FIN 2013 HD 1

Rapidly, frame by frame, a wooden boat breaks up on the banks of a stream and returns to the earth. An experimental Finnish short film from those who play with common sense and create surprise. And so, for the first time, we assist in a truly radical “disboat-ation”.
Ditch Plains
Ditch Plains

Loretta Fahrenholz USA 2013 HD 29

The language of musicals tells the story of the apocalyptic anxiety that spread when Hurricane Sandy hit. Filmed entirely with a smartphone, the characters move around like avatars in a dark videogame.
Doc of the Dead
Doc of the Dead

Alexandre O. Philippe USA 2014 HD 81

The zombies are back, and this time they won’t leave until they’ve killed every living creature on the earth: so goes the documentary’s opening prophecy. It becomes a complete guide with a humour spin to zombie culture, and recounts its evolution: not only in films, but in video games, books, tv series and graphic novels…
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared II - Time
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared II - Time

Joseph Pelling Becky Sloan GBR 2014 HD 4

Extracts of conversations between Manny – a yellow puppet that seems a cross between a potato and a human being – Robin – a green bird with crabby manners – and Tony the clock on philosophical subjects such time, space or creativity.
Dieu et les Chiens
Of God and Dogs

Abounaddara Collective SYR 2014 HD 12

The Abounaddara collective brings together self-taught filmmakers who, since the demonstrations against the Bashar al-Assad regime, have been publishing short films online from their Damascus base to share the realities of Syria. In this testimony, a young “revolutionary” recounts how he had to kill a man who he knew was innocent. A raw account of the banality of evil that disturbs our clear conscience.
Deux fois le même fleuve
Same River Twice

Amir Borenstein Effi Weiss BEL 2013 HD 110

Two Israeli artists who, ten years ago, decided to leave Israel, return to their homeland to follow in the footsteps of a Scottish adventurer who, in the nineteenth century, journeyed down the river Jordan. Their exploration coincides with an investigation into their own identity; they are both citizens and intruders, prodigal sons and traitors.
Dove ti nascondi
Dove ti nascondi

Nadia Abate Francesco Forti Victoria Musci ITA 2013 HD 6

A 4 year-old and his friends look for explanations for where babies come from, partly because they really want to know, and partly as a game. A film based on real-life recordings of the theories of children at a nursery school in San Salvario in Turin.