4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Tabarin di lusso

Alfred Hitchcock GBR 1928 35mm 86

Betty is the spoilt daughter of an American millionaire, who always manages to get herself into a lot of trouble with her frivolous ways. Until one day her father announces that he has lost everything. A romantic comedy with the inimitable touch of the great Hitchcock.

Mircea Nestor ROM 2013 HD 30

An evening with old childhood friends, to celebrate the departure of one of them, turns into a situation full of bitterness and embarrassment. A bitterly ironic reversal of The Big Chill in the context of bruised Romanian cinema, supported by the actors\' powerful performances.
Tacco 12
Tacco 12

Valerio Vestoso ITA 2014 Beta 16

An apparently model mother is plagued by sexy moves and towering heels. The compulsion will become uncontrollable. An irreverent mockumentary that portrays dance groups as the disease of the century: the result of men and women shut in tourist hotspots with only aquagym and fitness classes for entertainment.
The Age of Rust
The Age of Rust

Francesco Aber Alessandro Mattei ITA 2014 HD 7

In the complex ecosystem of the Alps, where there are battles as daily as they are ferocious between various species, there also lives the Petramosaurus Cavator: a digger. The Age of Rust is a hybrid animation about the difficult relationship between man and nature.
The Agreement

Karen Stokkendal Poulsen DNK 2013 HD 58

For the first time, a camera goes behind the closed doors of diplomacy, where agreements drawing up borders and deciding the fate of entire populations are made. The future of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is at stake. The art of negotiation is crucial – Robert Cooper, an extraordinarily face that was meant for the big screen.
The Bucuresti Experiment
Experimentul Bucuresti

Tom Wilson ROM 2013 HD 67

What if Romania’s revolution of 1989 wasn’t a revolution at all, but the country suffered a coup d’état?
The Construction of ANSTALT3000
The Construction of ANSTALT3000

Helmut Munz AUT AUS 2013 HD 5

A psychotrance gallop in neurolinguistics, between psychedelic illustrations of Roscher’s monsters and laws of computer programming, between the aesthetic of David O’Reily and the psychoanalytic game.
The Dog Song
The Dog Song

Ellie Mumford GBR 2014 HD 4

A dog sees the ever-closed garden gate as the obstacle to his happiness and freedom. When the opportunity to actually cross to the other side of it presents itself, he realises just how much affection he and his owner have for one another, and decides to stay with her.
The Girl Who Missed the Bus
The Girl Who Missed the Bus

Anne Lucht DEU 2013 HD 2

Sometimes missing the bus can prove somewhat dangerous, especially if it happens to an absent-minded girl who has the misfortune of meeting a dinosaur that tries to catch her in any way it can. Her escape takes her over the roofs and under the sea… but (perhaps) all this is only happening in her dreams.
The House I Live In
25% I segreti della guerra alla droga

Eugene Jarecki USA 2012 HD 105

A silent holocaust of the African American population. This is the “War on drugs” which, in forty years, through a system of repressive laws aimed more at controlling the ethnic minorities than stemming the problem, has produced 45 million arrests, a gigantic waste of public money and no decline in the consumption of drugs.
The Last Days of Peter Bergmann
The Last Days of Peter Bergmann

Ciaran Cassidy IRL 2013 HD 19

On 12 June 2009 a man arrives in Sligo, in Ireland, where he signs the register of a small hotel with the name Peter Bergmann. Then he vanishes without a trace. A passionate piece, which explores the borders between life and death, reality and fiction, hanging in precarious balance between documentary and ghost story.
The Little Cousteau
Malý Cousteau

Jakub Kouril CZE 2013 HD 8

A little boy who loves scuba diving spends his time daydreaming about the life of a famous explorer, in whose footsteps he would like to follow. An encounter with a mysterious cat leads him to discover the house of a very special person. It will be the beginning of new and exciting adventures, just like those he has always dreamt of.
The Master\'s Voice: Caveirao
The Master\'s Voice: Caveirao

Guilherme Marcondes FRA 2013 HD 11

When all the clocks stop at 3:33, a magical world comes to life and the different souls of São Paulo and Brazil are revealed.
The New Species
Nový druh

Katerina Karhànkovà CZE 2013 HD 6

When three little friends come across a mysterious bone, their imagination carries on and they start investigating. It the end, their dreams are disappointed by an ugly discover, but maybe they had only to immagine a little bit more.
The Obvious Child
The Obvious Child

Stephen Irwin GBR 2013 HD 12

A girl with hairy arms, a hardened smoker and a murderous rabbit want to bring take the remains of the girl’s parents - horribly murdered - to heaven. Their journey will be long, and they will meet strange and fantastic monsters. They will have to fight, and perhaps by the end of their odyssey they'll understand something more about life.
The Shadow of Your Smile
The Shadow of Your Smile

Alexei Dmitriev RUS 2014 HD 3

The smile of a woman, her image little more than a shadow on the screen, suspended and amplified by slow motion and the notes of a classic played on the piano: The shadow of your smile. Alexei Dmitriev works on an old VHS, on the unfading trace of images it holds; he turns it into a declaration of love that is both affectionate and ironic at the same time.
The Trials of Henry Kissinger
The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Eugene Jarecki GBR 2002 35mm 80

Winner of the Amnesty International Award in 2002, The Trials of Henry Kissinger is the portrait of a celebrity of politics and, at the same time, a painstaking piece of investigative journalism.
The Tribe

Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy UKR 2014 HD 132

Sergey joins a special school for the deaf and dumb. The institute is governed by violent dynamics, which the young boy will have to learn to control if he is to resist being overpowered. Acted out entirely using sign language, this is a shock film that is disturbing and brutal, a completely new cinematographic experience that cannot possibly leave the viewer feeling indifferent.
Throne – Tharsis Sleeps
Throne – Tharsis Sleeps

Tom Bunker Nicos Livesey GBR 2014 HD 5

Nicolas Liversey, the front man of London-based metal band Throne, directs this incredible work of animation stitched entirely on 3,000 patches of jeans in A5 format, and animated frame-by-frame on a tablet
Tonight and the People
Tonight and the People

Neil Beloufa FRA 2013 HD 81

The stories and reflections of historically stereotypical film characters (cowboys, hippies, teenagers, political activists, Latin American gangsters…) come to life and intertwine as they await the supposed arrival of the apocalypse. Set against the backdrop of a surreal and motionless Los Angeles
Travellers into the Night
Reizigers in de Nacht

Ena Sendijarevic NLD 2013 HD 10

A cashier in a service station, during one of many long nights spent in the kingdom of lonely travellers. Suddenly things change, to the rhythm of Bette Davis Eyes. A work entirely void of dialogue, dominated by the encounter between the gazes and bodies of two strangers.
T'étais où quand Michael Jackson est mort?
Where Were You When Michael Jackson Died?

Jean-Baptiste Pouilloux FRA 2013 HD 12

She is walking home one evening, and a man is walking behind her. She becomes suspicious: why the hell is he following her? He flat out denies that he is, until a taxi picks them both up. The dialogue that follows is a textbook performance, and the finale cinematic in every sense of the word. During the credits, keep an eye on the taxi driver.