4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

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Arnaud Dufeys BEL 2014 HD 30

Clara lives the life of a typical 15 year-old: school, friends, and the usual teenage frivolity. But then a strange sense of physical discomfort seeps into her daily life, until she is forced to do something radical. A deconstructed narrative that portrays both the physical and psychological discomfort a disturbing outside perspective.
Village modèle
Model Village

Hayoun Kwon FRA 2014 HD 10

Kijong-dong is a ghost town in North Korea’s demilitarised zone. The population is inexistent and urbanisation is a myth. Built in 1950, the town known as the propaganda village is a film set that is inaccessible to this day. The South Korean filmmaker takes us on a unique journey that reflects the emptiness of a propaganda town.

Brett Weiner USA 2013 HD 7

The verbatim transcription of a real questioning is the soul of this paradoxical film, built around a natural climax that seems straight out of a script. Replying to “Did you have a photocopier in the office?“ has never been so difficult or exhilarating.