4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
Expanded video

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The Milan Film Festival takes a scenic ride through the development of the music video over the last two to three years. There is over 12 hours of footage that bring together experiments on the “expansion of the old videos” that dabble in web art, short narratives, interactive videos, the performing arts and documentaries.


There are directors who have abandoned videos in search of the cinema, such as Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry; and some, such as Sofia Coppola, Romain Gavras and Gaspar Noé, who make their occasional, but eternal, return to the small screen. And then there are some great artists who branch out from photography into the electronic arts, from animation to experimentation, such as Richard Mosse, Alva Noto, David O’Reilly and Carlos Casas. Saman Keshavarz, Dan Scheinert & Dan Kwan, Daniel Wofe, Ben Dawkins and Kahlil Joseph are part of the new generation to come out of the ethereal video labs that are in a state of continuous and crazy mutation, in a fuzzy cloud that is somewhere between video, film and art.

Still from "Wanderlust" - Björk - Encyclopedia Pictura


13/09/2014  22:45 / Parco Sempione
12/09/2014  19:00 / Spazio Oberdan

Two screenings of This Is Now: Film and Video After Punk - the hit series screened at the BFI in London last spring, and curated by LUX artist' moving image, the prestigious distribution house that will be judging the short film competition. The two programmes provide a frame for a pivotal moment of transition in the relationship between cinema and music. 

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