4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
Special events

Special screenings and events realized in collaboration with the partners of the festival.

Broken Hill Blues

Sofia Norlin, SWE, 2013, altro, 80´

Between snowy silences and underground rumbles, this film portrays teenagers in Kiruna, the northernmost mining town of Sweden, which will be forced to relocate in the coming years. It tells the stories of those trying to find their place, but who cannot deny their affinity with the unsteady nature of the land they inhabit.
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VisitSweden presents Live Frida Vega and Matteo Perry Vj set and Dj set
Dj set

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Frida Vega Salomonsson is a young Swedish artist and performer who works with images: videos, photos and live visuals. As a vj, she has worked with big names in techno and house music, and with the Swedish National Radio.

To accompany dj Matteo Perry’s electronic music, Frida gives us part of her visual repertoire: abstract and obscure landscapes, and clean and minimal shapes and shadows.

Tesday, 9th September, 11pm, Parco Sempione

Are You Series - 3 Meetings

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Three meetings at the Scatola Magica - Strehler Theather to examine in depth the Series language and new ways of comunicating the non profit world.

Wednesday, September 10 – 6.30 pm
How to narrate the non profit: when the cinema meets the third Sector

Thursday, September 11 – 6.30 pm
Cinema 2.0: web series in Italy

Friday, September 12 – 6.30 pm

New formats and new languages : is there a market ? 

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Djset DJstivi
Dj set

djset Max Relax
Dj set

Visit Sweden presents "Broken Hill Blues" and Vj set e Dj set live di Frida Vega e Matteo Perry

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Unspoilt Swedish nature, with its surreal scenery full of contrast between light and dark provides a striking backdrop to the due events presented in collaboration with VisitSweden: the screenings of Broken Hill Blues by Sofia Norlin and the Vj set e Dj set live by Frida Vega and Matteo Perry.

Broken Hill Blues, the first work of Sofia Norlin, presented at 8.30pm on Tuesday 9th at Teatro Studio Melato, tells the story of a group of young people from an indigenous Swedish community struggling with themselves and the world around them.

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The Vj set e Dj set live by Frida Vega and Matteo Perry will be on Tuesday 9th at 11pm at Parco Sempione.


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Presentation and screening of the first two episodes of Status, the Are You Series? winning web serie.

Are You Series? is the contest launched in 2013 by Milano Film Festival and Banca Prossima for the production of a web series about the non-profit world. The winner, thanks to the support of Banca Prossima, will realize a web series of 10 episodes with the collaboration of professional tutors.

Status, the web serie written and directed by Margherita Ferri, Renato Giugliano and Davide Labranti won the contest and the 60.000 euro prize, they are currently working on the other episodes.

September 8th, Teatro Studio Melato, 8pm.

With the participation of Status's protagonists, Beniamimo Saibene, MFF president, Marco Morganti, Banca Prossima managing director and Gianluca Guzzo, Mymovies.it managing director.

First episode
Second episode


CIVICA SCUOLA DI CINEMA (at) Milano Film Festival

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Scatola Magica at the Strehler Theatre, 11 am - Don’t Play With Food: A presentation of adverts encouraging us to waste less food produced by the School’s students in collaboration with EDI. 

Sala Grande at the Strehler Theatre, from 5pm - Festa della Scuola: As is customary, the school celebrates its success at the Milan Film Festival by watching films and showing the most successful works from across the academic year.

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followed by:

Scatola Magica at The Strehler Theatre, 7 pm - In collaboration with… : Like every year, projects in collaboration with partners that aren’t usually on the syllabus are given space among the school’s more usual academics. 

Strelher's Sagrato, 8 pm - A toast on the Sagrato: A drinks reception to greet graduates, students and spectators, and to officially open the new Ex-Tabacco Manufacturers’ headquarters.

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Fashion Film Festival Milano

Fashion Film Festival's preview's (from 14 to 15 September at Piccolo Teatro Grassi).

A selection of short films by Fashion Film Festival in a special preview screening, tuesday 11th of September at 8 pm at Teatro dell'Arte.

SEVEN – Milano Film Network movies

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SEVEN – The Milano Film Network movies at the Milano Film Festival

Movies distributed by the Milano Film Network, a network that brings together the seven Milano Film Festivals' experience and talents.