4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
Workshops and meetings

Meetings and masterclasses with directors, international guests and juries, including The Living Room Cinema by Yann Gonzalez and Miloš Tomić’s playful cinema workshop.

Eugene Jarecki Masterclass - Why He Fights


Eugene Jarecki, filmmaker and activist

A journey through the cinema of Eugene Jarecki, from his debut short films to the political documentary of which he is now an inescapable figure of reference, related by the voice of the author himself and through the images of his films, The Trials of Henry Kissinger, Why We Fight, the fragment in the collective film Freakonomics, Reagan and The House I live In, as well as the online campaigns: from Move your Money to JUST SAY NO...to the War on Drugs.

It is a cinema which promises to present the contradictions and go beyond the limits in an explicit attempt to change reality. A portrait of America that stubbornly, film after film, the author draws.

On Sept 7th, 5 pm, Teatro Studio Melato.

Disegni Elettrici - Animation workshop with Alan Holly

For the 19th edition, Milano Film Festival and Milano Film Network, inside the Focus on Animation, give you the opportunity to create a musical animated shortfilm.

The workshop will be led by the young Irish animator Alan Holly, who has collaborated with Cartoon Saloon animation studio, founded by Tomm Moore, oscar winner for The Secret of Kells.

The last work of Holly, Coda, has collected many international awards, not least the prize for best animation short film at the South by Southwest film and music festival (Austin, Texas).

Coordinating a group of 15 participants and dealing with each other to agree on the various specificities that emerge in terms of graphics, Alan Holly will following the creation of an original music video in 2D graphic, working on a music track especially created by the Milanese musician Antiteq.

The final edit will be presented at the opening of the animation marathon on the 8th of September.

Art Cinema : system attempts

The panel aims to investigate the possible developments of a liminal stage, such as the Art Cinema, and to trace its perimeter. It’s a reality that is constantly expanding with continued tension between systems of contemporary art and cinema. The discussion will draw on various figures - the nodes of a network that can, through their research and professionalism, carry out important work in constructing and solidifying a territory that is yet to be defined. Those involved are artists, directors, curators, producers and distributors who are invited to explain their vision and formulate proposals for the initial phase of a project that is, in contrast, increasingly solid and articulate. 

With Benjamin Cook, William Fowler, Loretta Fahrenholz, Leonardo Bigazzi

On September the 13th at 17:00 in Scatola Magica

Zanichelli presents Corti d'autore

in collaboration with

A meeting for the presentation of the first Short Film Award sponsored By Morandini

10th September at 17:00 p.m. in Scatola Magica

Surya namaskara - Yoga at the park

Surya namaskara - Yoga at the Parco Sempione 

september 5, 6, 12 and 13 at 11am at the Parco Sempione, bring your Yoga mat!

in collaboration with YogaFestival

Fiskars presents FLYING TREES

in collaboration with


A workshop to realize Kokedama, an ancient japanese technique inspired by bonsai art

13th September, 12:00 a.m./15:00 a.m./17:30 p.m. at Parco Sempione


Edgardo Franzosini's book 'Sul monte verità' presentation

After the national première of Carl Jàvier's Freak Out about the 'hippie' community on the Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland, let's meet Edgardo Franzosini and his last book Sul Monte Verità published by Il Saggiatore (free entrance).

With Edgardo Franzini and Giuseppe Genna (Feature Films Competition Jury). 

On september 6, 5 pm, sala Eurolab.

Reading point - meetings around the bookshop

Curated by Don Durito bookshop

Readings at Parco Sempione in collaboration with Don Durito

Sunday 7th September h. 11.00 a.m. Bookshop Don Durito - Parco Sempione
RE TIGRE with Araxè (Agenzia contro il Razzismo e la Xenofobia) and Ass. La Banda dei Pirati

Sunday 7th September h. 18 Scatola Magica - Teatro Strehler
 with Sandra Petrignani and Alessandro Beretta.

Tuesday 9th September h.18 Sala Eurolab - Teatro Strehler
 with Livia Satriano, Philopat and Fabio De Luca.

Friday 12th September h. 18 Sala Eurolab - Teatro Strehler
I with Marco Philopat, Andrea Scarabelli, Paolo Cerruto

Sunday 14th September h. 11 Bookshop Don Durito - Parco Sempione
Araxè (Agenzia contro il Razzismo e la Xenofobia) and Ass. La Banda dei Pirati.


There is no just one way! - Filmmaking workshop with Miloš Tomić

Is there only one way to invent, plan and eventually shoot a short film? Which are the roles and the obstacles that directors, actors and a filmmakers have to face day by day?

Those are the questions that Miloš Tomić, serbian artist and director, who has been several times at the Milano Film Festival (in 2003 with Milos tomic kao vo..., in 2005 with Suknièkáø, and in 2006 with Clay Pigeon, Staff Award) also seen at the Biennale of Venezia in past 2013, will try to answer in a workshop during the Milano Film Festival 2014


Livingroom Cinema

Yann Gonzalez, MFF 2013’s winner with "Les rencontres d'après minuit", comes back at MFF for a unique event! Friday 12th at 11 pm., in a secret location, Gonzalez will talk about his hidden passion: Italian cinema from ‘60-’70
Films sequences, chats, wine and midnight’s spaghetti. 
Limited seats (15) entrance €10
To book for the event write an email with personal data to iocisono@milanofilmfestival.it, the firsts 15 will receive indications about the partecipation.

Bridges and borders (reflections on one hundred years of Europe )

A meeting to talk and discuss about some of the aspects that will be considered by Experiment Europe.

September the 6th, 6 pm, Scatola Magica.

Meet Miloš Tomić

Small talk with Miloš Tomić + screening of a selection of his works, choosen by the director himself and by the Milano Film Festival : among the others, Clay Pigeon, short film from 2005 about a loving and endless farewell, Spitted by Kiss, about a young man who decides to live litterally "on the street", Skitter, a so called ‘honest erotic thriller’ and the Milos Tomic sold...where, in an instant, a man looks like a soldier.

(in english)

September 13th, 8 pm, in Scatola Magica

Book presentation: Il videoclip nell'era di YouTube - Cento videomaker per il terzo millennio

Il videoclip nell'era di YouTube - Cento videomaker per il terzo millennio by Luca Pacilio

preface by Nabil

postface by Giulio Sangiorgio

edizioni Bietti - Heterotopia

with Luca Pacilio and Giulio Sangiorgio

on September 10, 6 pm - Sala EuroLab