4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
Short Film Competition

Eight ideas for a short film competition

Here are some notes, in random order, on the short film competition (58 films, 32 countries taking part), that are not to be used as a guide to seeing the films, but more as an invitation for a transversal reading of the selection, beyond the individual programmes. Because this is how it is patiently put together by the ten selectors.

Social. It’s official, the web has irreversibly contaminated the short film. In the selection, a compendium of the most effective (and radical) proposals. 

Kids. A recurring theme of debut filmmakers, they are more lost and hard to catch than the average kid. 

Animals. Humans are losing contact with reality, and the cinema attempts to re-establish a virtuous bond with the animal world, possibly a non-hedonistic one (cute kitties on the web, trendy coats for dogs etc. …). 

Time. Our time, which the short films – because usually they are freer from the production demands of feature films – try to frame in the moment in which it becomes reality. 

Italy. The very lively and eclectic selection of the Italians – at last!! – engages in enthusiastically challenging the standard way of making short films in Italy. 

Men. It is not a tender picture for men that emerges from the selection. 

Women. As though obliged by a dark force to push herself beyond what her body and her heart can do, woman in this selection is restless and in transition. 

Cinema. Freed from every constraint, the short film at times reflects on its cinematographic existence. 

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John Skoog, SWE, 2013, HD, 8´

Every year at Bad Buchau, they celebrate Fasnet with a rite of purification: a procession of masked men capture the mayor and take him to Lake Federsee, the place where a father once murdered his family.
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Fernando que Ganhou Um Pássaro do Mar
Fernando Who Received A Bird from the Sea

Felipe Bragança, Helvecio Marins Jr., PRT, 2013, HD, 20´

The days pass Fernando by slowly at Porto, between the little bar in the neighbourhood and his little house. One day, a parrot arrives. A a melancholy song that compares Portugal hit by the crisis with Brazil and its economic boom.
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Mémorable Moi
Remember Me

Jean-Francois Asselin, CAN, 2013, 35mm, 15´

Mathieu confesses to his partner, who has just found out he cheated on her, that he is the victim of a compulsive disorder: to exist, he needs someone to always be thinking of him, to click “like” on his increasingly crazy stunts. A tragicomedy on the dissolution of self, in this the age of multitasking and Web 2.0.
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Paul Neason, NZL, 2014, HD, 10´

Danny, a university Geography tutor, decides to abandon the traditional programme of study to instead dive headfirst into new academic waters - something that allows his students to get involved in a much more personal way. After realising that his only progress has been breaking some household objects and almost suffocating himself, Danny is forced to confront the true nature of his project.
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Smile, and the World Will Smile Back
Im Tekhayekh, Ha'Olam Yekhayekh Elekha

Famiglia Al-Haddad, Yoav Gross, Ehab Tarabieh, ISR, 2014, DV, 20´

A night in Hebron on the West Bank. The intrusion of Israeli militia in the home of a Palestinian family. A video camera is the only weapon a father and his four children have for testifying to a war that is still going on even when western media remains silent.
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