4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014
State (T)error

with the sustain of

We inaugurate the 2014 State (T)Error section with a glance at last year’s edition. With sadness. The courage of Axel Salvatori-Sinz had allowed us to cross the frontier into a place which now no longer exists: the refugee camp of Yarmouk, in Syria, today reduced to a desert of ruins by the bombs of Assad’s army. It was there that we had met the third generation of Palestinians who lived there, youngsters with aspirations common to people of their own age, but with an extra burden: the choice between a fate as exiles (not yet imposed by war) and loyalty to the community and its values.

Dear Hassan, the short film by Axel Salvatori-Sinz is the first film that we want to show the audience of State (T)Error this year. To bid farewell, together with its author, to a life that has been lost and with which we too had a fleeting contact. Hassan was arrested and never came out of the prison he was locked up in.

His was a journey that did not reach its destination. Like the journeys of others, many, too many and absent in Les Messagers by Hélène Crouzillat and Lætitia Tura, a celebration of lost souls where masters of ceremony are the travelling companions. the witnesses of the moment of passage. It is an antidote not only to oblivion, but to the denial of the collective tragedy, of epic proportions, in which migration is today translated. 

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The House I Live In
25% I segreti della guerra alla droga

Eugene Jarecki, USA, 2012, HD, 105´

A silent holocaust of the African American population. This is the “War on drugs” which, in forty years, through a system of repressive laws aimed more at controlling the ethnic minorities than stemming the problem, has produced 45 million arrests, a gigantic waste of public money and no decline in the consumption of drugs.
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The Trials of Henry Kissinger
The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Eugene Jarecki, GBR, 2002, 35mm, 80´

Winner of the Amnesty International Award in 2002, The Trials of Henry Kissinger is the portrait of a celebrity of politics and, at the same time, a painstaking piece of investigative journalism.
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Why We Fight
Why We Fight

Eugene Jarecki, USA, 2005, HD, 98´

A statement and a question. The choice is not casual: the title of the film which won the Grand Prix of the Jury at Sundance in 2005 again uses the title of the propaganda documentaries made by Frank Capra in 1945.
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Eugene Jarecki Masterclass - Why He Fights


Eugene Jarecki, filmmaker and activist

A journey through the cinema of Eugene Jarecki, from his debut short films to the political documentary of which he is now an inescapable figure of reference, related by the voice of the author himself and through the images of his films, The Trials of Henry Kissinger, Why We Fight, the fragment in the collective film Freakonomics, Reagan and The House I live In, as well as the online campaigns: from Move your Money to JUST SAY NO...to the War on Drugs.

It is a cinema which promises to present the contradictions and go beyond the limits in an explicit attempt to change reality. A portrait of America that stubbornly, film after film, the author draws.