4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

Ordinarily, every cultural environment refers to specific systems of criticism, production and distribution that are outlined in a clear and practical way. This is a way of circumscribing ideas, visions and their operating range, of offering immediate ways of interpreting content.

The complex nature of the present day on the other hand, built on abrupt change, exponential cross references and unstoppable technological development, has thrown this traditional and largely reassuring classificatory approach into crisis.

The blend of jargon, channels of expression and areas of research is a constant in our daily lives, and makes it necessary like never before to be open to reading and interpreting every nuance and point of contact as a basis for constructing new fields of knowledge.

For the fourth year running, verniXage goes ahead with the aim of exploring a liminal territory whose borders are still being defined, much like Art Cinema. This is an environment free from classificatory anxiety, kept alive by the work of artists and writers who are able to create dialogue between premise and the structure of contemporary art using the narrative medium of cinema, with a view to maintaining the perpetual and intriguing development of innovative scenarios for us to gaze upon.

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Art Cinema: system attempts

The meeting will investigate the potential developments of Art Cinema and will try to define its boundaries. Though Art Cinema is ever expanding, it hangs between the well-established systems of contemporary art and films.

The speakers are Benjamin Cook (Lux Moving Image), William Fowler (Curator of Moving Image at the BFI), the artist Loretta Fahrenholz and Leonardo Bigazzi (curator of Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival) together with Davide Gianella (Curator of verniXage). Thanks to their researches and professional skills, they are laying the groundwork for a still undefined form of art.