4-14 SEPTEMBER 2014

11 Italian Premières in competition, from all over the world, of first and second feature films

58 films from 32 countries: chosen from more than 2,000 submissions. Fiction, experiments, animations, documentaries, web narratives, media art.

A mix of previews, unpublished films, great masters and some films that cannot be categorised: we have Prince and vegans, the history of basketball and of hip-hop, Alain Resnais’ last film, a gypsy musical, and music in 8 bits.

The long awaited unveiling of documentaries that reveal the world’s system of power. Eleven films, and a focus on Eugene Jareck’s politically active cinema.

With the support of Internazionale


The master of animation turns 80 on 4th September. To celebrate him, we re-discover some of his best works.

In collaboration with Czech Center

A look the myths, utopias and weaknesses of Europe in this year of important anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, and twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

There’s more than Cuarón: contemporary Mexican cinema is dynamic, vibrant and unpredictable. Here are some of the most impressive films hechos en México.

The traditional short film marathon,  a workshop with Alan Holly, and a preview of a feature film from Brazil. 

An ultra-marathon dedicated to everything in the production of images for/with/ about/between/alongside music.

Media partner Wired 

The intersection between cinema and contemporary art: two sessions and a panel with international guests.

A short film competition where water is the protagonist.

in collaboration with Gruppo CAP and Metropolitana Milanese

Special screenings and events realized in collaboration with the partners of the festival.

A festival for the smallest members of the family: screenings, workshops, and performances at the Cuccagna Farmhouse.

A space of self-organised screenings to give unselected directors the opportunity to show their work.

Meetings and masterclasses with directors, international guests and juries, including The Living Room Cinema by Yann Gonzalez and Miloš Tomić’s playful cinema workshop.

Eleven days of live music and dj sets at Parco Sempione, free entry.

Thanks to Jack Daniel’s, media partner Spotify, line up by I Distratti.

Every night in the Sagrato of Teatro Strehler: jazz improvisation and performances. 

With City Jazz Courses - Claudio Abbado Civic School of Music, The Milan Foundation